About The Farm

Living The Sweet Life

This year, more than ever, as a California Farm, we are seeing the benefits resulting from the efforts of all who are working so hard to make California an outstanding place to breed and race Thoroughbred horses. The interest in California bred horses created an amazing year for our farm as demonstrated by the increases in stallion interest and on farm marketing of the yearlings and weanlings. Temecula Valley is located between the major racing centers of Southern California as well as a short distance from both San Luis Rey Downs and Galway Downs.

Ranch manager Johnny Alvira, with Leigh Ann Howard and Linda Madsen, right, is a third-generation employee of Madsen’s Milky Way Farm

Milky Way Farm is a 100 acres full service facility with a farm philosophy of providing the best possible care to both the horse and their owners. We strive to keep in close contact with each owner, welcoming their input into the horse’s wellbeing and encourage them to visit the farm as often as possible. The farm consists of 3-4-acre pastures with are planted each year for seasonal grass.

The 2018 stallion breeding season was more than we ever could have dreamed for. Our reproductive program is handled by Dr. Celeste Spini and Dr. Jeff Moss, and we thank them every day for the wonderful program they have established for our farm. 2018 started extremely busy and never slowed down, with the stallions covering almost 225 mares.

The resident farm population is growing and we are constantly trying to improve the farm facility and this year have added an additional 10 more foaling enclosures designed to give the mares more freedom to maneuver during the time just before delivery and additional layup paddocks. We also have added a barn with 21 stalls for foaling, layups and sales preparation. The foaling area is monitored by cameras as well as night staff. We have added 40 individual paddocks for mare care during the breeding season as it is our goal to keep visiting mares individually cared for. The mares and foals enjoy three to five acres large pastures during the spring. During this time, the foals are given basic training routine. After weaning, they are returned to large pastures in small groups to run, play and grow. As yearlings, they are prepped for the fall sales at Galway Downs for their basic saddle work and to be introduced to the race track world.

The farm offers a rehabilitation and layup program, with several options to better meet the needs of each individual horse. In addition to stall care, we offer 24 x 24 paddocks, as well as 100 x 100 paddocks for some time off to rest or to recover from injuries, Our greatest goal is for the horses to return to useful and fulfilling lives.

Each year is a new beginning in the world of livestock. Each foaling season brings new hopes and dreams for the future. Our staff, headed by farm manager, Johnny Alvira, have totally commited to making Milky Way Farm an important part of the California Thoroughbred industry. For information please call (909) 241-6600.