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Milky Way Farm to the Rescue

BONSALL, Calif. (Dec. 13, 2017) — We are a group of horse owners whose horses were trapped at our boarding ranch just east of the San Luis Rey training facility during the devastating Lilac Fire. These are smaller ranches of pleasure riders many without trailers and no means of escape.

Our rescue came in the form of one of your thoroughbred community who braved the smoke and fire to get us to safety. Linda Madsen of Milky Way Farms in Temecula not only drove us out but settled us into her beautiful barn and cared for our horses for four long days while the winds persisted.

She made trips to the feed store for needed supplies and welcomed us for as long as we needed to stay. After returning us to our ranch she refused any type of compensation.

We would like to have her kindness and generosity known throughout the community and were hoping that perhaps our story could be told in your monthly publication in some way. Our prayers continue for the trainers and horses at San Luis Rey.